5 Things You Should be Posting on Twitter

5 Things You Should be Posting on Twitter

Social media has evolved in the past few years, and it’s changing more quickly than ever. So, you need to be keeping up with what’s happening! No doubt, you’ll find new ways to get your tweets seen by others. Here are some tips that have worked well for me throughout 2018. 

Send a Tweet That Actually Matters

If you’re reading this, then I know that you want to make a difference in people’s lives. Considering you are aware of how to use Twitter, you can send them an important message or post about something important. It doesn’t matter who they are if it’s important to you! There is no limit to how far and wide you will go, so stay focused. Don’t tweet anything random because there’s nothing personal about it. 

Follow Other Tweets That Matter

If you want your followers to see what you post, follow other accounts and people you think may be interested in what you’re doing. If you don’t like what you’re posting, change your mind! Your aim could be to reach as many people as possible. People appreciate being followed. Make sure you follow these people.

Give Some Ideas for a New Topic to Discuss in This Post

Maybe there is one person out there who could benefit from this article? Or maybe someone wants to read this? Whatever the reason, I hope that they find my content interesting enough to get my input to share. How can you keep people reading? How to start writing a novel. These things do not necessarily require words, but give ideas that might help you in your endeavors. 

Respond to Comments/Comments From Friends & Family / Others

We all wish we had the best opinions, but at times, we just can’t express them with eloquence. We tend to shy away from saying something when it comes to what is already known to us. But if it’s good news, and we feel that our opinion has been properly acknowledged, we want to respond! Sometimes, they are happy for another comment from someone else. There is also a time when we regret something that happened at work. Well, we should apologize and try to fix the situation ourselves. But it’s always a good idea to share your thoughts with others. 

Share What You Like About Someone

When someone does something great, share what you do like about it! Especially if you’ve got a different perspective – it’s nice to see people’s opinions. Don’t try to force yourself to think a certain way. It has worked wonders for me! And remember, if you do something really valuable to the world, why shouldn’t you say the right thing? Not everyone knows what you are thinking, so don’t let anyone take advantage of your ignorance.

I would encourage you to check in with those who have a big following, to get real-time feedback on where everything is going. Because no matter how much progress you have made in life, we never know what happens on the other side. If you’re looking to grow as a writer, then sharing your thoughts, stories, ideas, etc… with those who have a large following is essential to your growth.