What is the problem with food influencers?

The world of social media has completely changed the way we go about things. Whether personally or professionally, a lot of our habits have altered completely, and that is owing directly and indirectly to social media and also to the advent of technology. One thing that has been recently introduced in the world of social media is the dilemma of food influencers. The word “influencer” is now being misused to a great extent. The fact that these bloggers only try out original foods and recipes and give their critique on them influences people into altering their buying behaviors and buying patterns when it comes to food-related items. Many times the followers on their accounts are bought (more on this at https://www.simplygram.com/how-to-get-more-followers-on-instagram/)… Read more “What is the problem with food influencers?”

{Sunny Side Up} Sea Salt + Vinegar Kale Chips

I have been learning how amazing simple food is. New age chefs are constantly trying to find innovative ways to create complex dishes. While many of the dishes are in fact delicious nothing beats the flavors of simple food. Lately I found myself drawn towards simplicity when searching for new recipe ideas. Take an egg for example; it is one the world’s simplest ingredients and yet nothing beats the taste of a freshly cracked egg. You can doll it up and cover with other flavors but those flavors need the simplicity of the egg to reach their full potential – the egg does not.

While the new age gastronomical side of cooking excites me, it doesn’t fulfill me.
I try and keep this mindset while cooking; the old adage holds true – less really is more. So if you find that lately my recipes may be a lackluster; create one of them and you will find that they are entirely the opposite. I may not be playing around with maltodextrin but I am playing around with beautiful, simple flavors and those simple flavors really are … Read more “{Sunny Side Up} Sea Salt + Vinegar Kale Chips”